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Jobs & careers at the aXpel group

We at aXpel are looking for people with rough edges. Real personalities who put their hearts into what they do, who go ahead courageously and who don't shy away from encountering opposition. Because only those who try out new things and learn from them can advance themselves and the entire company.

We offer attractive tasks, short decision-making processes, open communication, plenty of creative options, direct personal contact throughout the company and good development opportunities. In return, we expect above-average commitment, active professional development, high standards of one's own work and the willingness to genuinely work together.

If you are not looking for a 'job' but a task that fills you,

Then you are right with us!

job & family

Finding the right balance between work, family and free time is not always easy. That's why we want to offer all employees as much flexibility as possible so that a healthy work-life balance can be lived. With a range of flexible working arrangements, home office and flexible working hours whenever possible.

Job & Familie


Home Office.png

home office

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fruits & mineral water


E bike


Inexpensive apartments in properties

aXpel group


Flexible working hours


company car


parking spot


Participation in training

and training costs





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employee events



Different jobs

We encourage entrepreneurial thinking.

Regardless of your position, you will always learn new things, assume responsibility and be able to contribute and realize your own ideas.


These are some of the professions practiced in the aXpel group:

Berufe bei der aXpel group: Kunststofftechnologe, Mediamatiker, Marketingfachfrau, Betriebswirtschafter, Maler, Plattenleger, Gipser, Elektriker, Polymechaniker, Sachbearbeiter, Verkaufsfachmann, Verkaufsfachfrau, Betriebsleiter,  Architekt, Bereichsleiter, Berater, Industrielackierer, Informatiker, Bodenleger, Büroassistentin, Dachdecker, Verkaufsleiter, Eventmanager,  Finanzleiter,  Personalleiter,  Projektmanager,  Projektleiter, Wirtschaftsinformatiker, Einkaufsleiter, Einkaufsfachmann, Elektroinstallateur Energieberater, Fachfrau Betriebsunterhalt, Fassadenbauer, Fotofachmann, Gebäudereiniger, Trockenbauer, Heizungsinstallateur, Schreiner, Hotellerieangestellte, Immobilienbewirtschafter, Immobilientreuhändler, Immobilienvermarkter, Innendekorateur, Instandhaltungsfachkraft, Kaminfeger Kaufmann, Kauffrau, Kundenbetreuer, Lackierfachmann, Logistiker, Logistikleiter, Malermeister, Maurer, Motorgerätemechaniker, Multimediaelektroniker, Netzelektriker, Eventmanager, Produktionsfachmann

recent job offers

Betriebsleiter Produktion

Murgenthalerstrasse 46, Wolfwil, Schweiz

Sachbearbeiter AVOR / Schreiner Innenausbau

aXpel professional

Laufeweg 1, 3326 Krauchthal, Schweiz

Schreiner / Allrounder Gebäudeunterhalt

aXpel professional

Laufeweg 1, Krauchthal, Schweiz

Abteilungsleiter Elektro

aXpel professional

Laufeweg 1, Krauchthal, Schweiz


aXpel one for all

Pulverweg 4, 3400 Burgdorf, Schweiz

Entwicklungsingenieur Kunststoff

aXpel injection

Murgenthalerstrasse 46, Wolfwil, Schweiz

Mitarbeiter Anwendungstechniker Engineer

aXpel composites

Breite 120, Hottwil, Schweiz

Verkaufsingenieur Composites (DACH)

aXpel composites

Murgenthalerstrasse 46, Wolfwil, Schweiz

Verkaufsberater Kunststoffspritzgiessen / Formenbau

aXpel injection

Murgenthalerstrasse 46, Wolfwil, Schweiz

Stv. Betriebsleiter

aXpel professional

Laufeweg 1, 3326 Krauchthal, Schweiz

Mitarbeiter Produktionsplanung und AVOR

aXpel composites

Wolfwil und Hottwil

Elektroinstallateur EFZ / Montageelektriker EFZ

aXpel professional

Laufeweg 1, Krauchthal, Schweiz


We invest in the future! We educate.

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