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aXpel ltd. offers a wide range of skills with an innovative approach that is unique in the market. We combine personnel services with financial and corporate advice to provide integrated solutions based on our industry specific experiences.

The bigger the company is, where you work, the greater the chance is that you (say A and B do) of symptoms such as excessive red tape, hypocritical Management, dominance of political interests, ceaseless restructuring considerable uncertainties and efficiency losses are concerned. And the list goes on. Such structures are not only bad for business, frustrate even the most motivated and most resistant employee permanently.

But how to act instead of resigning?

Love it, leave it, or change it. But what action do you have as an individual under such adverse circumstances at all? After all, you are hardly alone can trigger a Change or culture change process. If you want to still be active, you need to put in most cases to guerrilla tactics and apply undercover strategies with which you can achieve your goals outside the official channels and crusted organizational structures over. Here is a guide for your next underground campaign.

Six recommendations for guerrilla Leadership


1. Go strategically ago

Analyze your environment carefully. It pays to look beyond their range. Have proved particularly suitable methods of game theory. The picture with the dimensions of the model shows the factors and relationships should be considered. Request (the guide "development strategy with the PARTNER model" can at aXpel.


2. Find accomplices

You can assume that you are not alone - neither in your desire to make a meaningful contribution, nor in your suffering from the effects of complexity stress. Find like-minded people with whom you can collaborate. Your strategic analysis provides guidance and ideas, which you can pick an accomplice on board to improve the organization from the inside out.

3. Secure Advantage through empathy

Empathy means understanding the needs of your counterpart and thus its motivation. Put yourself in the situation of your opponent and ask yourself, what needs they have and contribute as the ruling structures and rules to satisfy them. This exercise sharpens your perception of the interests and motives of others and provides ideas for strategies and negotiation leeway with which you can move your counterparties in your direction.

4. Think how aXpel

Campaigning is, to pull all the stops to efficiently achieve its goals. So want do a lot with little means and influence. How can you benefit from the expertise of professionals through the use of the 14 principles Campaigning.

5. Nutzen Sie die Macht von Spielen

As "broken" organizations and institutions may be improved by the same strategies, that make those game developers their virtual realities so irresistible. Under "Gamification" a field of knowledge has since emerged that creates through the use of game design principles motivating working structures.

6. Vereinfachen Sie – kill a stupid rule

Often less is more. Make yourself and other life easier and start by abolish the senseless rule in your work environment. Every journey begins with a first step.


Hacking Work

Armed with these initial ideas, you can begin to improve your work situation and thus your business from the inside out. If you by the way have because of the subversive nature of ethical concerns - after all, I invite you to flout rules on (pointless) and freedom to make creative use - then you are assured that you are in good company: Gray Hammel strategy professor at the London School of Economics and selected by the Wall Street Journal World's most influential business thinker, has launched an initiative that prompts exactly so. Under the heading "Hacking Management" are the best "hacks" collected and awarded.

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